Yo Gotti quotes

Its a cold game, Niggas change.
18 wheelers full of bricks, feds say they know what's up. I'm a keep it swingin , till the day… (read more)
Prices kinda high, So you get past it you get muscled up, City kinda dry so this the time for… (read more)
I ain't sold a million records or won a Grammy but I seen a million dollars worth of nose candy.
Fuck a rap career I'd rather have a hundred bricks.
So you can play if you wanna nigga it's goin' down and I don't need a manager cuz I don't… (read more)
I feel like you can't stop me now, I'm tighter now, More of a writer now, Than a rapper now,… (read more)
They say bullets ain't got no name, money ain't got no rules.
If ya credit score high and ya nails stay fly. If ya juice box wet and ya head sumin fly,… (read more)
I am top notch nigga, I do grade A shit, I'm a keep it 100, I wanna 5 star bitch.
I got that chopper boy, coming through yo block boy and you can't stop us boy, betta call the coppers… (read more)
Bullets ain't got no name, Gotti ain't playin' games, Gotti don't buss in the crowd, I see my mane in… (read more)
I'm a real nigga you don't wanna collide, fuck if he bigger that choppa will cut 'em aside.
Can't buy love, can't hide hate. 100% fact most niggas fake.
Hatin on my scrap I got my mind on my money.
Ballin is my hobby, damn homie going shoppin, Got 5 star with me a milli in the lobby, Took her… (read more)
Women Lie, Men Lie.
I'm trying to count to a billion, My b-tch Brazilian, Hop in that Lamb, Push the button lose the ceiling.