Mac Dre quotes

I'm sicker than S.A.R.S, higher than Mars & I treat my bitch like an ATM card.
Would you stay true to the game and route you chose to take, or would you break, take a dive… (read more)
Smoke trees that make me look japanese.
Backwoods got me congested, ain't rested in 2 days I'm gettin paid been on niggas head like toupes I'm a… (read more)
For those that dont know that means he got the blow....and its time to turn the blow into mo do.....sell… (read more)
I got three rules when I hustle and aint none of em funny, its like get your money...get your money....and… (read more)
Stash my shank underneath the seat and make sure no blood is on my feet. Punk police wanna take me… (read more)
Id rather die like a man than live my life like a bitch, id rather be in the pen than… (read more)
It's 5:15, he must be psycho or just plain stupid for thinkin I might go.
Boy I got heat flamo, potent like liquid drano, a verbal valcano, they love me cause they know, im cut… (read more)
Bottom bunk, sleepin in a 2 man cell C.O. at my do', and I'm mad as hell.
It's all about survival but jealous rivals make it hard for us to do this So everybody got a gun… (read more)
I fucks with high rollers, shake highway patrollers. Quick to pop the trunk, but will come from the shoulders.
Me and black jesus went to Rosaritas. Seen senoritas eating carnitas. I was rocking my adidas sneakas, Told the waitress… (read more)
The steak ain't right without the A-1 So I stay dipped in sauce and they come.
We global, travel the bubble duckin trouble. Don't make us get the bury body shovel. We vicious, dumpin' bodies in… (read more)
They sent me to the pen for five years for a crime that was never committed. I aint no bank… (read more)


I'm a dope rhyme thinkin', Hennessy drinkin'. Nigga that a do a do a drive-by in a Lincoln.