Howard Nemerov quotes

I think there's one thing which distinguishes our art - we don't consider. We don't think. We write a little… (read more)
History is one of those marvelous and necessary illusions we have to deal with. It's one of the ways of… (read more)
I've never read a political poem that's accomplished anything. Poetry makes things happen, but rarely what the poet wants.
I would talk in iambic pentameter if it were easier.


I've thought of the last line of some poems for years and tried them out, It wouldn't work because the… (read more)
It may be said that poems are in one way like icebergs: only about a third of their bulk appears… (read more)
I am not at all clear what free verse is anymore. That's one of the things you learn not to… (read more)
Language cares.
I do insist on making what I hope is sense so there's always a coherent narrative or argument that the… (read more)
Language is remarkable, except under the extreme constraints of mathematics and logic, it never can talk only about what it's… (read more)
I have a plot, but not much happens.
Mostly the thought and the verse come inseparably. In my poem Poetics, it's as close as I come to telling… (read more)
I like all my children, even the squat and ugly ones.
Nothing in the universe can travel at the speed of light, they say, forgetful of the shadow's speed.
I liked the kid who wrote me that he had to do a term paper on a modern poet and… (read more)
The secrets of success are a good wife and a steady job. My wife told me.
I never abandoned either forms or freedom. I imagine that most of what could be called free verse is in… (read more)
A chronicle is very different from history proper.