Howard Gardner quotes

Young children possess the ability to cut across the customary categories; to appreciate usually undiscerned links among realms, to respond… (read more)
Twenty-five years ago, the notion was you could create a general problem-solver software that could solve problems in many different… (read more)
Well, if storytelling is important, then your narrative ability, or your ability to put into words or use what someone… (read more)
If you don't give your kid freedom to make choices with money, including stupid choices, he'll make plenty when he… (read more)
A lot of knowledge in any kind of an organization is what we call task knowledge. These are things that… (read more)
I align myself with almost all researchers in assuming that anything we do is a composite of whatever genetic limitations… (read more)
I believe that the brain has evolved over millions of years to be responsive to different kinds of content in… (read more)
If I know you're very good in music, I can predict with just about zero accuracy whether you're going to… (read more)