Danny Elfman quotes

I'll look back and I'd be better to answer that in about three months from now. Or when the movie… (read more)
I'm looking for a feel and I have to find what that feel is before I can move on from… (read more)
I can't get that live and I don't have the time to take the tape, after I've finished recording it,… (read more)
I don't see myself necessarily having a burning desire to write a symphony.
I had to do this very aggressive, big score in a very short time, and knowing that in the beginning,… (read more)
I like creating these rhythmic patterns. These interlocking rhythmic things are really fun.
I really liked doing a number of the projects and directors, and etc., etc., I knew about half-way through that… (read more)
I think that there's a lot more freedom in the low budget, the independent films where, unfortunately, you don't have… (read more)
I think that's one of the things that has always put me in kind of an odd niche. It's that… (read more)
I would have to say I might do some stuff, but it's the film that's appealing. I was raised on… (read more)
I'll just start laying out the melody exactly where I want it to fall. And then I'll go back and… (read more)
Doing Tim's film is always going to be the most pleasure. Let me just put it that way. So, without… (read more)