Anuj Somany quotes

A person often saying ‘I LOVE YOU ALL’ to the people is just ensuring and assuring merely oneself each time… (read more)
The reward of slavery has been made to look perhaps more aesthetically pleasing than the award of bravery and that’s… (read more)
Foolishness is doing ignorantly something forbidden repeatedly by sages since ages, and Madness is doing the very same prohibited thing… (read more)
A wise man once said that a person is known by the company he keeps, but could then also add… (read more)
It is always easy to wake up a person who is fast asleep, but never those people who pretend to… (read more)
A boy with his girlfriend or a husband with his wife can be happy forever in their locked relationship only… (read more)
The quality of a person’s character can be known partly by the attitude of his ally who likes him TRULY… (read more)
A person who remains attached to his roots with his foot always on the ground grows like a green tree… (read more)