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Your rhymes rentals, give 'em back to they owners At the end of the bar, I spit with the permanents
Fans catch us on Animal Planet, tracking hoes and attacking faster than foes can change the channel, whoa.
The funeral service was fucking worthless, so I said a couple words at it. Didn't know her but I'm confirming… (read more)
Go on, suck it up; but hurry, I got nuts to bust and butts to fuck and ups to shut… (read more)
This is why I'm hot? No, that is why I'm blazin' Dilla jacked Nick, I am shinin' like the diamond… (read more)
Snappin' necks and records in matter of seconds check 'em son. Lost an erection and found it in an aggressive… (read more)
Fuck with the Wolves, we startin' to bark viciously. Catch us in a pile of bodies where dead bitches be.
It so happens that I'm so haphazardous. I'll puke a piece and put it on a hook and fuckin' cast… (read more)
'What you doin'?' Nothin' much, would shout out some other stuff. Got to fucking bounce, guess the bouncer's had enough… (read more)